To use magic you have to understand it!
 To understand magic you have to use it!


It either does or it don't exists that is. History is full of it not only in fairy tales, but in mythology and religion to. But what is it, why is it, and what can we do with it if it exists? Lets take a look at one possibility of what it is, when the big bang went off, something happened in this everyone is agreed. It's the what happened that seems to bring with it the most confusion, so lets look at what happened with intelligence and wisdom as our guides.

Religion tells us that everything was made by and with intelligence, that all of creation was made with a goal and set of rules or laws. Creation came into being by a being, and this being created everything in this dimension. Okay now the evolutionist that the other side of the coin says all life is just a cosmic accident and all we see is just the byproduct of a very large release of energy that came from nowhere out of nothing. And their is no rhyme or reason to this it just is, but is that true? These are the same scientist that know the law of energy and that is a closed system energy is neither increased or decreased only exchanged. So where did it all come from? One must ask and where is it all going? In this universe there is a known plasma of very high concentration know as black holes. These seem to be in the process of swallowing up all matter around them and with the gravity they seem to posses they also are attracting all matter to them. So whats up with that?

Now with this glutton of cosmic space, one wonders at which point the thing known as a black hole becomes unstable, and well burps or explodes all that energy it has been storing away. Bang there we go again, but where and how does all this Occur to create new energy. Well by the law of attraction in the material sense there has to be a charge either negative. or positive and a density large enough to create the attraction that allows the black hole to consume. Well according to science the atom is charged with protons, neutrons, and electrons. Protons have a + charge, Neutrons have no charge, and electrons have a negative charge. So what is this neutron thing a part of an atom with no charge, seems most of the universe as we know it is composed of uncharged material. Things like dark matter and dark energy you know dark stuff lol. But when the energy of such a large explosion goes off what happens to the neutral stuff, lets look at magnetism for a second as electricity flows it aligns particles with polarity and this polarity then attracts or repels opposite or unlike charges. Now when photons are released and other energy's, vibrations from the unstable black hole neutrons are not immune in the passing as they pick up a charge directly relevant to the energy that passes thus giving them a polarity alignment. Then they begin the attraction creating atoms then molecules of matter. These start to chain into larger and larger pieces and vola you have a universe. But how does life come in? Well life has been and always will be part of the universe. When all that energy gets released from the black hole its a lot like dieing and being buried in the ground. It seeps and is used by life to make more life, in other words matter is consumed and directed into patterns that allow the energy of life to enter and use it. But the materials used are not life but are energy in the ultimate form of vibration that allows for movement. Thus matter that contains life is in constant motion. This motion and be slowed down or sped up to meet the requirements of the high energy know as the soul. So we have been a part of creation before the big band and will be a part of creation in the next big bang. So with this understanding the evolution of the body is made by the spirit fashioned for its own use to explore this reality in this dimension at this time. If the spirit can do that then it also can change matter by will to suit its own needs and outcomes. But by occupying a body made of matter that interacts with matter, has a brain, moves around and does things manipulating its environment per say. The brain is a storage for material interaction and movement. It does not allow the spirit to interact with it in the fleshly sense but allows it to occupy and move around in a vehicle in the auto pilot sense. But once it becomes strong it can project its will past the body into this reality and affect everything around it. Simply by using one of 2 paths most of the time it stays in the neutral state neither projection nor absorbing is in process. So matter created in the explosion of a black hole distributes and creates energy which is manipulated by the soul into vessels that can be used to explore the new creation. So one of the ways this vessel is used is in the channeling of the spirit or energy that has thought through the body created for the spirits use. What we refer to as magic is only a focused movement of energy through the material into this dimension. And the spells are only focused thought to move and focus the energy into what we wish it to be.

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