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The human body made up of natural

Occurring Elements

Composition of the human body

The body needs elements restocked as they are used up in growth, energy production, and chemical reactions. The main cause of poor health not related directly to the mind or spirit is the lack of these vital nutrients. Some are used in the making of energy, sugars and fats are burned by the body to keep it


Some are complex chains that are used for growth and cell replacement. Proteins that the body uses everyday that need to be replenished. But do the foods we consume today really give us everything we need for the body's health or are they now doing more harm than good?

With the need to feed so many that live in city's the food industry has gone away from natural methods to artificial methods most of these only fill the belly not the body. So what should one due. Well for simple trace elements a vitamin or herb can give you what your missing in your meals. But it can not restore the Prana, or the life energy that comes only from fresh vegetables. The proteins from meat and dairy sources do not supply prana the natural energy of the spirit that feeds it directly.

For supplements I recommend this site both for quality and price. Please use natural herbal whenever possible

Vitamins and Supplements

Exercise is also very important to the body not the if it don't hurt it ain't doing nothing type but one more in focus with the body, mind, and soul. I recommend Tai Chi as an exercise for all 3 easy to learn, non-impact, increases health and circulation. Recommended is to join in a group that practices this but if you can't this inexpensive beginners DVD might be the answer.

Tai Chi - 6 Forms, 6 Easy Lessons (2000)

So for the body proper nutrition and exercise will keep it healthy.

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basic Ti Chi
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100 simple health tips to follow: 

1. Walk for 30 minutes daily.
2. Eat a piece of fruit daily.
3. Eat whole foods instead of processed foods whenever possible.
4. Reject foods and drinks made of artificial colors or sweetener.
5. Start each lunch/dinner with salad.
6. Give your partner a hug every day before work.
7. Take a deep belly breath for three to five minutes twice a day.
8. Smell the scent of lavender to relax and sleep well.
9. Eat a handful of walnuts before bed.
10. Drink plenty of water.
11. Get 10-15 minutes of sunlight and fresh air daily.
12. Jog.
13. Run in place.
14. Have a greater variety of food. Variety means no excess of anything and more nutrients. Eat three different foods at every meal.
15. Eat slowly.
16. Have snacks between meals.
17. Watch comedy and add humor to your life.
18. Never skip breakfast.
19. Try to have seven hours of sleep at night.
20. Have a fixed bed time, preferably at 10:00 pm.
21. Increase your fiber intake.
22. Eat foods with bright rich colors.
23. Join a Yoga class.
24. Surround yourself with loving and supportive people.
25. Know that healthy food tastes great later.
26. Drink green tea twice a day.
27. Exercise till you sweat once a week.
28. Save a one year’s worth of living expenses to eliminate the money stress.
29. Have as much sex as possible … At least twice a week.
30. Do pull-ups and push-ups for 30 minutes twice a week.
31. Eat a handful of nuts 30 minutes before a meal.
32. Step on a treadmill.
33. Learn to cook and gain control of what goes into your meals … and save money!
34. Take a Vitamin D rich supplement.
35. Chew food thoroughly.
36. Avoid cold drinks with meals.
37. Take ginger.
38. Cut down sugar.
39. Don’t over-eat!
40. Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed.
41. Fast.
42. Sit in silence for 10 minutes each day.
43. Play games.
44. Read good books.
45. Pray.
46. Meditate.
47. Don’t compare yourself to others.
48. Do work that you are passionate about.
49. Quit a job you hate.
50. Keep in touch with your family.
51. Do something good to one person everyday.
52. Don’t drink coffee twice a day.
53. When you feel tired, REST.
54. If you’re stressed, don’t try to manage it. Instead, take time off and relax.
55. Laugh out loud.
56. Quit smoking by smoking one less cigarette every week.
57. Walk in nature barefoot.
58. Spend time with friends.
59. Start a gratitude journal. Record one thing you’re grateful for everyday.
60. Ride a bike for fun or cycle to work a few times a week.
61. Read 8 Weeks To Optimum Health by Dr. Weil.
62. Wash hands with soap.
63. Avoid passive smoking.
64. Ask for help when you need it.
65. Eat calcium-rich foods like milk, cheese and green leafy vegetables.
66. Don’t sit for a prolonged time. Stand up and stretch.
67. Wash your eyes and face regularly.
68. Sing.
69. Dance.
70. Swim regularly in open air.
71. Take the stairs. No elevators. No escalators.
72. Remain faithful to one sexual partner to avoid AIDS.
73. Travel more often.
74. Wear high quality comfortable shoes.
75. Eat until you’re 80% full.
76. Cook meals with curry powder.
77. Take a 15-30 minutes nap.
78. Eat dark chocolate.
79. Eat wild salmon at least once a week (Omega-3 rich).
80. Forgive someone.
81. Call an old friend.
82. Eat oranges.
83. Sometimes, you need to say no for the sake of your health.
84. Take care of your teeth. Floss and brush your teeth twice a day at least.
85. Take honey to build up your immunity system.
86. Don’t sleep right after having a meal.
87. Don’t sleep when you’re emotionally upset.
88. Begin a garden.
89. Build your self confidence.
90. Don’t over-spend your money.
91. Volunteer in a good cause.
92. Do some strength training twice a week.
93. Eat one or two fish meals per week.
94. Find your passion and purpose in life.
95. Consider massage.
96. Don’t solve your emotional problems by eating more.
97. A garlic a day!
98. Cut back on salt.
99. Avoid negative people.
100. Herbs, herbs, herbs.

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