The ancient wars of Mrs Yin and Mister Yang

Back before time there was nothing and it was boring

So Mr. Yang said to Mrs Yin I'm bored lets play a game, how about a game of creation. To Immortals this is like hide and go seek, capture the flag and King of the hill all rolled up into one. The hide and go seek part was that one soul split into two must search throughout creation to find it's other half. The capture the flag was they must find hidden secrets that are in the universe they create, and King of the hill is they must rule the universe. Well that sounds like fun Mr. Yang said to Mrs Yin and they both went off to different parts of creation to start setting up the board per say. Thus into nothing came Yin and Yang and created something, thus the game began. But into the game comes all of creation and all of the created life is only a piece of Mrs. Yin or Mr. Yang. At times Mrs Yin seems to control most of creation and at times Mr. Yang appears on top but don't think either will win for in fact both are one just a cycle of energy going up and down first one is on top then the other. Very much like the cycle of your life isn't it. For more understanding of the natures of Yin and Yang go here. Yin and Yang

Now as Yin and Yang are different though the same they have set certain rules to make the game more fun. These rules are the capture the flag part of the game. Once you understand them you begin to have some control hints per say in this game of forever. Man has discovered a few four I will mention, one the law of motion, two the law of gravity, three the law of attraction, and four the law of ricipical action. Using these laws you can follow creation better and get to know more of the games pattern. But man don't like to be controlled by anything or anyone so he seeks to control and break these laws in everything and effort he makes. So I guess man still hasn't got the flags hidden withing creation or if he does he chooses to hide em or abuse em. Here is just an example of this abuse of creation to distroy or overcome that which we don't understand or fear bring abuse which brings recipical action to bear. The Witch-cult in Wester Europe.pdf it is just part of a long history of our way or the highway man has forced upon himself. This just being a recent example for older examples just go to the bible or the history of the Children of Israel. None the less this has to come to an end like all things once your out of diapers you need to learn to control your actions or you end up in deep dudu. We at plan to show the way of the spirit and all its wonder without the politics and religions involvement.